Flat Roofing Specialists Covering Leicester and Nottingham

At Stormseal our flat roofing specialists covering Leicester and Nottingham use quality materials to ensure your flat roof remains protected, whatever the weather. The coating can include PVC-like synthetic rubber coating, asphalt or modified bitumen (felt flat roofing). These coverings need to be checked on a regular basis to make sure the roof stays leak free.

Flat Roof Nottingham

Flat Roofing Advantages

• Low maintenance – no slopes or valleys and easier to clean than a pitched roof.
• Design can be flexible which you may not get with other roof options.
• Saves money and installation time – Easier to install than pitched roofs because of their flat structure
• Provides the option for recreational or decorative finishes which isn’t available with a pitched roof.

Still not sure about flat roofing and need more advice?

Why not contact our flat roofing specialists who cover Leicester and Nottingham today on 01455 847839 or fill out a friendly contact form online. Let us also remind you that we can also answer your questions on twitter @StormsealLtd. We also offer industrial roofing across the East Midlands.