Roofing Tips – Gutter Maintenance

Guttering can be an expensive, time consuming job if left unmaintained. To ensure you get the most from the guttering on your property, do regular maintenance checks, keeping an eye out for any of the following warning signs;

• Water not flowing freely around the building.
• Sagging
• Loose brackets
• Holding water
• Leaks
• Cracks
• Rust

Roofing maintenance is particularly important around autumn and winter months. Leaves and debris can causes blockages. This, alongside increased rainfall and challenging weather conditions can often leave standing water. As temperatures drop, this can freeze, causing cracks and subsequent leaks.
Damaged guttering can often lead to flooding, structural damage and damp. Professional roofing maintenance cuts down on the risk of these issues occurring and can eradicate the need for frequent and expensive guttering repairs or replacement.

Plygene Guttering

In an industrial or commercial environment, the need for effective, well maintained guttering is arguably even more important than the need for it on a domestic property. Plygene guttering is a cost effective, durable alternative to traditional guttering; providing a waterproofed lining to existing gutters, eradicating the need for expensive, time consuming and often disruptive structural work.

The unique Gutterline system creates a fully waterproof ‘gutter within a gutter’ leaving the original gutter untouched. It is malleable enough to mould to any existing guttering and will tolerate temperature change and movement without cracking, leaking or splitting.

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