Commercial Roofing

Stormseal Roofing specialise in commercial and industrial roofing refurbishment for a wide variety of construction projects. All our refurbishment projects are taken confidently from beginning to end, following an efficient structure to ensure all work is completed on time and to an exceptionally high standard.

We can also arrange bespoke maintenance agreements involving general cleaning, upkeep and repairs for any type of roofing. 

All our free, no obligation quotes and estimations are inclusive of initial risk assessment, method statements, development plan and professional, safe site management until the job is complete. Some of the commercial and industrial roofing services we carry out are listed here:

  • Industrial Roofing  
  • Commercial Roofing 
  • Domestic Roofing 
  • Asbestos Roofing 
  • Sheeting and Cladding
  • Flat Roofing Systems 
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Gutter Lining

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Introduction to Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing differs significantly from residential roofing in terms of design, installation, and maintenance. The primary objective of commercial roofing is to protect the business and ensure the safety of employees and customers. It must withstand harsh weather conditions and provide excellent insulation to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.


Exploring Different Types of Commercial Roofing

There are various types of commercial roofing, including but not limited to:

  1. Single-ply Membrane Roofing
  2. Built-up Roofing (BUR)
  3. Modified Bitumen Roofing
  4. Metal Roofing
  5. Green Roofing

Each type has its unique advantages and disadvantages, thus making the choice dependent on the specific needs of the business.


The Importance of High-Level Roofing

High-level roofing is crucial for large commercial buildings. It ensures optimal protection from weather elements and offers excellent insulation. High-level roofing also provides an aesthetic appeal, contributing to the overall image of the business.


Understanding Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofs are common in commercial buildings due to their cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. However, they require regular repairs and maintenance to prevent water leakage and structural damage.


An Insight into Industrial Roofing

Industrial roofing is a specialised branch of commercial roofing, designed to meet the unique needs of industries. It requires high durability and resistance to withstand the harsh conditions often associated with industrial environments.


Domestic Roofing Vs Commercial Roofing

While both domestic and commercial roofing share the same goal of protecting the building, they differ in several aspects, including design, materials used, installation process, and maintenance requirements.


The Dangers of Asbestos Roof and Its Repair

Asbestos, once a popular roofing material due to its fire-resistant properties, is now known to pose severe health risks. Asbestos roof repair requires specialised skills and strict safety measures to prevent exposure to harmful asbestos fibres.


Health & Safety Considerations

Health and safety are paramount in commercial roofing. From the installation process to regular maintenance and repairs, all activities must adhere to strict health and safety guidelines to ensure the safety of workers and building occupants.


The Role of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an invaluable resource when choosing a commercial roofing company. They provide insights into the company's reliability, quality of work, and customer service.


The Future of Commercial Roofing: A Look at Plygene Gutter Liners

Plygene Gutter Liners provide a revolutionary solution for commercial guttering needs. They are durable, cost-effective, and eliminate the need for structural work, making them a preferred choice for many businesses.


Choosing the Right Commercial Roofing Company

Choosing the right commercial roofing company is crucial. It's not just about the cost; it's about the quality of work, adherence to safety standards, and the company's reputation.



In conclusion, commercial roofing is a complex field that requires expert knowledge and experience. Whether you're considering high-level roofing, flat roof repairs, or innovative solutions like Plygene Gutter Liners, it's essential to work with a reputable commercial roofing company.

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